The Cause

“I am hungry”
this is something we frequently say throughout the day, but there are people out there in the world who really have to wonder if they will have clean water let alone something to eat. That’s where End Hunger enters the stage, 10% of every purchase you make will go to the End Hunger charity of the month. Once you complete your purchase, we will send you a personalized certificate via email showing how much both you and the company as a whole has raised.
So grab a burger, dog, or taco and lets help end hunger one tee at a time!
Current 2018 End Hunger charity:
Spanning across over 50 countries this charity aims to end global hunger, they have over 3500 staff members and are truly doing some great work. One really important thing to look out for when donating is how much money actually goes to the cause? Keeping that in mind we picked AAH this month because .93 cents on every dollar goes to charity!